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Kangana Ranaut while returning to Mumbai inspired by rani Laxmi bai as she will always raise her voice against wrong.


Kangana Ranaut while returning to Mumbai inspired by rani Laxmi bai as she will always raise her voice against wrong. Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut has inspired the courage and valor from freedom fighter Rani Laxmi Bai as she heads back to Mumbai from Himachal Pradesh.


Kangana Ranaut expressed her feelings on the Twitter handle, the actress shared that she will continue to raise her voice against the wrongs as she managed to learn from her film Rani Laxmibai about courage and valor. She explained how disappointed she was that people are stopping her to come back to my own Maharashtra. But, I will not stop, I will continue to raise my voice against all odds, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Shivaji, tweeted by Kangana.


Kangana who compared Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the Taliban with Mumbai city has been bravely battling with her controversial comments on her statement. The actress will shortly head to Mumbai city and she has been photographed in Mandi district for Chandigarh to board her flight for Mumbai.


Before being publicized in Mumbai, she has to undergo the COVID-19 test as it is mandatory.


Dr. Devendra Sharma, chief medical officer of mandi district has confirmed in the statement on Wednesday morning that she tested negative for COVID-19.


The center has provided the Y plus- security on the arrival to Kangana after she fears losing her life due to a heated argument between the government owner about the state, city, and the Mumbai police force. After reaching Mumbai she will provide the security for safety.


However, Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh has revealed that Mumbai police have roped the allegation that the actress has itself taken the drugs.


As talking to reporters Deshmukh had said that in 2016 Kangana’s ex Adhyayan Suman also revealed that Kangana takes the drugs and forced him to also have drugs.


NABARD sanctions micro water system ventures worth Rs 3,805.67 crore up until now


NABARD sanctions micro water system ventures worth Rs 3,805.67 crore up until now Agriculture BusinessNarendra Singh Tomarsaid the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) had authorized micro-irrigation ventures worth Rs 3,805.67 crore up until this point.

The tasks have been endorsed under the committed Rs 5,000-crore Micro Irrigation Fund (MIF) set up under NABARD in 2019-20 to encourage states in assembling assets for the growing inclusion of micro water system.

Under MIF, reserves are given to states at a concessional pace of enthusiasm for the request to advance micro-irrigation.

Tending to an online class, Tomar encouraged states to get to MIF for boosting miniature water system through an extra (top-up) sponsorship well beyond the one accessible under the Per Drop More Crop (PDMC) segment of Pradhan MantriKrishiSinchayiYojana (PMKSY) for accomplishing the objective.

He likewise approached states to get to the reserve for creative incorporated tasks. Remembering anticipates for Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, contingent upon state-explicit prerequisites to bring the extra region under micro water system PDMC, an official articulation said.

The Controlling Council of MIF and NABARD has endorsed Rs 3,805.67 crore ventures covering 12.53 lakh hectare under MIF; the announcement cited the Minister as saying.

The legislature has set an objective of covering 100 lakh hectares of zone under micro water system in five years.

It has been executing PMKSY-PDMC since 2015-16 for improving water use productivity in the agriculture segment.

Focusing on that micro water system expands water use effectiveness as well as the profitability of the harvests, Tomar said there is a requirement for receiving an all-encompassing methodology for more creation from unit zones by improving soil wellbeing, decrease in input costs, upgrading crop efficiency, and expanding ranchers’ mindfulness for profiting the cultivating network.

He likewise said that the collaborative and deliberate endeavors of different partners in a “strategic” would help accomplish the objectives and bring more inclusion under micro water system to assist the cultivating network.

Tomar called upon the state governments to approach to accomplish the objective inclusion of micro water system for improving water use effectiveness in agribusiness, which would add to PM NarendraModi’s call of making India independent through confident agriculture.


Did you know the benefits of using alum?


Did you know the benefits of using alum? Alum is used to clean water and protect it from bacteria. But, you get wonder to know that it is also good for health, beauty and other benefits.

  • Get rid of wrinkles: Alum is best to get rid of wrinkles. Take a small piece of alum and put it in water for some time. Then, rub it gently on the face with rose water. After alum, use moisturizer. You will get the result in a few days, your wrinkles will disappear.
  • For dryness in the head: If you have dryness in the head then wash your head by adding a bit of alum and salt with shampoo. It will aid to remove dryness from the head. Dryness arises in the head due to the lack of moisturizer in the scalp.
  • For torn ankles: Take the alum in a bowl and heat it so that it gets melts into the foam. Let it till it gets cool, add coconut oil and apply it on the torn ankles. It provides instant relief to torn ankles.
  • Excessive sweating: The use of alum is suitable for those who are sweating. People should take alum in the bucket of water and take a bath with water while taking a bath.
  • Itching: Alum is best as a home remedy in the treatment of itching or rash. For this, burn alum and make ashes. Then mix white eggs in it and massage. All types of dryness will get relief.
  • Cough: Due to Cough, drinking alum powder with a glass of warm water in the morning and evening. You will get relief from cough. Even, asthma complaint can be controlled.
  • To heal the wound: Dissolve the piece of alum in water. Wash the wounds twice a day then it will heal your wounds.


India faces decreasing policy options after record GDP slump


India faces decreasing policy options after record GDP slump Indian economy contracts last quarter set back economic progress by many years and puts Prime Minister NarenderModi ambitious targets of doubling the size of the economy to $5 trillion almost out of reach. The 23.9% contraction in GDP in the June quarter from a year ago—the biggest of major economies tracked by Bloomberg prompted banks like Nomura Holdings Inc to lower their full-year forecasts for this year to -10.8%. It also transfers the focus back to the government and central bank on what steps can be taken to spur growth.

What is the effect on long term growth of India?

Earlier, India has managed growth rates of more than 8% but that is slowly eased in recent years following a crisis among shadow banks which hit lending and consumption in the economy. The economic destroy now occurred by the coronavirus pandemic will last well beyond the recent outbreak. Banks are attentive about lending, fearing jump in bad loans while businesses have curbed borrowing and investments, dragging down demand.

How it affects job and poverty?

At 5% growth rate, the economy of India was not increasing enough to generate jobs for more than 10 million young people who enter the workforce each year. The pandemic has a great impact on job and pushed millions of people into poverty. The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) estimates that as many as 19.8 million salaried Indians or 21% of the overall workforce, lost their jobs between April and July along with nearly 7 million daily wage earners such as hawkers, construction workers and roadside vendors. The World Bank estimates that nearly 12 million Indians will be pushed into abject poverty in a country where over a fifth earns less than $2 a day.




NABARD sanctions micro water system ventures worth Rs 3,805.67 crore up...

NABARD sanctions micro water system ventures worth Rs 3,805.67 crore up until now Agriculture BusinessNarendra Singh Tomarsaid the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural...


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